Evidence that Demands a Verdict - Dr. Josh McDowell

Josh McDowell has distributed more than 60 million copies of books on apologetics in the nations. This 12 hour video-course is based on the classical book Evidence that Demands A Verdict. The course addresses the trustworthiness of the Bible and offers historical evidence and supporting attestations for Jesus’ claim to divinity. Josh McDowelll addresses “radical criticism” of the Bible and is devoted to quelling the voice of numerous skeptics, including “a defense for the existence of miracles” and “answers to divergent worldview.” This is a powerfully influential course on apologetics from one of the most prolific apologists of this generation..

Topics include:

Can the Bible be trusted?
How can I know that what the Bible says is true?
Who is the God of the Bible?
How do we know the resurrection of Jesus really took place?