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Christian & Islamic Theological Issues presents a concise 11 hour explanation of these two very different worldviews. Dr. Tavassoli compares the concepts of God, Man, Christ, and the Scriptures in each worldview, and explains how these differences can be confronted when speaking with our Muslim neighbors. Presented from the unique perspective of a former Muslim, this class is sure to reveal an inside look into the theological differences between the two faiths.

Topics include:

• Introduction to Christian & Islamic Theological Issues

• The Doctrine of the Trinity

• The Doctrine of Man

• The Islamic View of Jesus

• What the Qur’an says about the Trinity

• Christian Response to the Islamic View of Jesus

• Islam’s Challenge of the Scriptures

This course is a survey of the major areas in which Christian and Islamic theology, doctrine and dogma collide. Understanding the basics of Islamic theology is important for shaping an appropriate answer to the questions from Muslims. The content of this course will also provide an important outline for the basic content necessary for discipling new MBBs. At the same time, it is recognized there is limited value to apologetics; ultimately it is the Spirit of God who brings Muslims to Christ.