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The aim of this 6 hour course is to equip the Christian to effectively engage in evangelism with Muslims through a deeper understanding of the Islamic Worldview. Muslims often raise polemical questions about the Bible, the nature of Jesus, and the origins and development of Christianity.  This course discusses a response to those critical questions while assessing the origins and early development of Islam.  The research has been peer-reviewed, and covers modern critical scholarship on the Biography of Muhammad, the six genres of Islamic historical tradition, as well as source and textual criticism of the Qur’an.  Subjects in this course also include “Why Care about Muslims,” “How Muslims come to Christ,” “Jesus in Islam and Christianity,” and “A Guide to Finishing the Great Commission.”

This is our introductory class to the world of Islam and Christian ministry to Muslims. You will be introduced to the plans Islam has for the world, the Radical Muslims and the fundamentals of Islam. This class will is intended to whet your appetite for further studies in theology, Islamics, apologetics, and discipleship.


At the completion of the class, the student will

1. To inculcate a desire to share Christ with Muslims.

2. To begin to understand the nature of Islam and it’s plans for the world.

3. To appreciate the necessity of apologetics and polemics for ministry to Muslims.

4. To begin to comprehend the differences between Islam and Christianity