Two Minute Answers - Dr. Jay Smith

Do not give up the Name

Paul and The Son of God

The Semantics of Jesus and Isa'

Contextualization of the Gospel

Sacrifice for the Gospel among Muslims

Being Intentional With Muslims

Worldly Paradise or Heaven

Do Women Pay Men's Penalty?

Baptism vs. Ablutions in Islam

Greek Philosophy in Islam

Abolishment of Slavery in Islam?

Slavery in the Quran and the Bible

The Trinity in the Old Testament

Did Jesus say I Am God?

Is Allah Omnipotent?

Corrupted Bible? When and Where?

Corrupted Bible? When and Where?

Which Book is More Universal?

Is the Sword ever acceptable to use?

Peaceful Muslims but is the Qur'an?

The Law of Abrogation

Violence in the Quran

Gospel of Peace

The Book and the Man

The State Corrupts the Kingdom

God Will Build His Kingdom

Kingdom of God Grows in Weakness

The Khilafa of War

Kingdom vs Khilafa

The God who Comes to Us

Yahweh Was There

The First Century Jesus

The Kingdom of God

The Qur'an and Women

Bible vs the Quran

The Amazing Accuracy of the Bible

The Whole Story

Is The Old Testament Trustworthy

Early Church Father Witness

Manuscript Evidence of the Bible

Dates and Names

Attack on the Bible

Come Home

The Battle of the Books

The Line of the Prophet

What is an Isnad

Problems in History

A Very Late History

Buiilding Prayer Credit

Allah's Limitations

Sacrifice in Islam

Slave vs. Sonship

God in the Garden

God who walks among Us

Assurance of Salvation

Yahweh vs. Allah

Hubal or Allah

The Kaaba

Ramadan Fast

The Freedom of Biblical Prayer

Muslims ask the Right Questions

The Real Islam

Sword Stage Begins

The Violent Stage

Islams Agenda

Call to Minister to Muslims

Two Minute Answers (2nd Series) - Dr. Joshua Lingel

The Moravian Example

Tithe vs Kingdom Giving

Pray Like Christ

Being a Disciple

Was the Bible Corrupted?

Jesus of the First Century or Sixth Century

Original Qur'an or Apocryphal Works

Isa' or Jesus

Was the Qur'an Perfectly Preserved?

Textual Criticism Reveals Problems

Qur'anic Script Variations Revealed

The Reason to Study Textual Criticism

Did the Qur'an Plagiarize?

The Hupa Bird

Jewish Forgeries

Women are Responsible for Man's Sin?

Muhammad's Special Freedoms

Women in Islam

Was the Quran added to?

Is Arabic the Oldest Language?

A Universal Message?

The Missing Sacrifice

Qur'anic Revision of Biblical stories

The God of the Bible and Allah are Different

Quranic Organization

A Perfect Replica

Universal or Temporal

Abrogation and Changing Teaching

The Law of Abrogation

The Revelation of the Qur'an

Evangelism Works

Women in Hell

Prohibition of Non Islamic Faith

Be Ye Subjugated

The Protection Pact

Compulsion in Islam

Who was the Islamic Adam

Contradictions in Islamic History

Islamic Historical Revision

Problems in Tradition

Questions about Islamic History

Late Dates for Mohammad Biography

Muhammad's Biography

The Isnad in Islamic Tradition

Mohammad and Contradictions

Muhammad and Torture

Muhammad and Murder

Muhammad and Slavery

Abdulla Azzam

Islam's Choices

Islam vs Muslims

Islam and Khilafa

A People of Peace

The Politics of Islam

The Early Rejection of Islam

Muhammed's First Followers

Muhammad's Miracles

What is the Hadith

The Foundations of Muslim Thought

Apologetics to Islam

Islam's Disagreements

Gods Heart for the Unreached

Why Reach Muslims for Christ

Muslim Demographics