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In this presentation, Prof. Beth Grove presents a comprehensive look at the historical situation of women in relationship to Islam. The course explores Mohammad’s relationship with women, including his many wives. The course also looks at the current Islamic views of women from both traditional and modern perspectives. Finally, Beth will share her personal experiences ministering to Muslim women. Through this course, we will take a look behind the veil of Islam. This 10 hour course is a comprehensive investigation on how women are treated theologically and pragmatically in Islam. Beth combines both her extensive personal experience Ministering to Muslim women and men as well as her robust theological training to give a very clear presentation of what progressive Muslims are claiming, what traditional Muslims are claiming and what she has encountered in real life situations.

Beth does the work of a polemicist destroying the fallacy that Islam ennobles women showing how perverse and derogatory the Hadith, the Qur’an and Sharia law are towards women. She also deals with some of the most common Muslim arguments against Christianity’s treatment of women and she will give you many great tools when navigating discussions concerning the treatment of women, Marriage, family, sexuality, and other topics.

Beth Grove was born and raised on the mission field, has lived among Muslim immigrant communities in London for 18 years, enjoying friendship and gospel conversations with close Muslim friends from many nations. After travelling through Muslim countries, she obtained a Master’s degree in Islamics and is one of the co-founders of the Pfander Centre for Apologetics, which is a research think-tank and teaching ministry to equip Christians worldwide to engage Islam with a confident Christianity.

Beth is one of the leading voices confronting Islam and standing for the truth of the scriptures and she will impart a true love for the Muslim people to the listener. This courses will be both practical and theological for anyone who seeks to reach Muslims with the gospel of Jesus Christ.