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Trinity Part 1

Trinity Part 1

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This 5-part series on the Trinity is very helpful. I am giving a review of all 5 lectures here.

Lectures 1 and 2 – Dr.Tavssoli looks at 5 issues Muslims raise against the Trinity.
1) Qur’anic objections
2) Logical coherence
3) Titles
4) Compositions and plurality
5) Historical issues

For each of those, he presents the Islamic arguments and then shows appropriate Christian responses to them.

I found those 2 lectures quite helpful. But the real treasure to be found in these lectures is how he, in the last 3 lectures, ties the Trinity in with the question of what God is like in areas like

He focuses on the following:
1) knowability
2) intimacy
3) suffering
4) love
5) holiness

I have been talking with a good Muslim friend for almost two years and the issue of the Trinity has been a major area of discussion. These last 3 lectures have given me great insights into how to help my friend understand why we Christians hold so firmly to the Trinity – it makes sense of what we know about the character of God.

Please note: These lectures are going to take the listener real effort to digest it all. But the effort will be amply repaid.

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