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Why Care About Muslims

Why Care About Muslims

Professors: Dr. Joshua Lingel

Islam's Issues, Agendas, and the Great Commission - Dr. Joshua Lingel

How Muslims Come to Christ

God is moving in the Muslim world like never before. In this session, we will learn about some of the ways that Muslims are coming to know and find hope in Jesus.

How Islam Plans to Change the World

In this session, Dr. Lingel explains the signs of growth for Islam in last half century, including funding, advocate groups, influence in the university system, etc. He also exhorts the Church for not being pro-active facing this challenge.

Introduction to Islam

In this session, the instructor gives an introduction to the Islamic faith by explaining the tenets of the religion, a short history of the prophet and literature, the Six Pillars and Five Articles of Faith. The instructor talks about that we too have a battle to fight however our power and weapons are much different. Our power comes from the Holy Spirit, not bombs. Our weapon is not a physical sword but the Sword of the Word of God. We fight for a kingdom, but it is not on the earth. We have a leader we follow, yet not one who kills, but one who died for us, Jesus Christ.

Everything You Need to Know About Radical Islam

The word "radical" means "relating to the root of something". So what is a radical muslim? How do they become radical? Why aren’t moderate Muslims confronting radicals? Why are people afraid of Islam? Lingel explores some of the reasons why even Christians fear the Muslim world. The Church must put aside fear and complacency and respond to the challenge of Islam with equal boldness in love and witness. These are some of the issues that are discussed in this session.

Jesus in Islam and Christianity

All cults begin by distorting and changing the person of Christ. Basic problem is they are too far removed from the events of Christ’s life. Our Scriptures, our faith in and experiences with Christ are reliable. The best way to defend our faith in Christ is to come to know deeply the Jesus of history.

Insider Movements - Dr. Joshua Lingel

This session is a critical assessment of insider movements, the islamization of Christian theology, translation of the Bible, and missions to Muslims. This is an issue of false teaching in the Church and a western missions methodology that the Church must avoid.

Finishing The Great Commission Among Muslims

God’s method to reach the Muslim world is the global church. This session talks about ideas, challenges and principles regarding the great commission in this generation. This is about strategies and a call to leadership in the global Church to listen to God's heart and obey.

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